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Joshua Gomez
Joshua Gomez

Evon Executor V3

Evon executor is a new level 7 exploit for Roblox. It has multiple execution APIs such as KRNL, Oxygen U, EasyExploits and WeAreDevs. It comes with inbuilt scripthub, where you can search for your favorite script. It has a clean minimalist UI that is treat for your eyes. Evon executor is has no lag while executing scripts such as owl hub and many other complex script. It is completely free and comes without any Key system to make exploiting fun and stress-free. Download the Evon executor and enter to the world of smooth Roblox exploiting.

Evon Executor v3

Evon executor is created by Youtuber Sakpot who create contents on Roblox exploit scripts. He has over 148k subscribers as of now. He also has other Youtube channels based on Minecraft game play. Currently he is focusing on Roblox exploit scripts and add videos every day. 041b061a72


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