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Yantras For The Nine Planets Pdf Download

In Vedic astrology, 9 planets rule over the entire life of a native. If a person has these nine planets strong in their kundali, then they will have the strength to fight problems in their life. Every planet has its own role in human life. If a planet is in a weak or ill position in the horoscope, its effect is seen in life in different ways. The person will lack fortune, abilities, peace, stability, and strength. We cannot change our horoscope. However, we can strengthen our planets with the help of remedies to please 9 planets.

Yantras For The Nine Planets Pdf Download

The nine planets of Vedic astrology relate to the Ayurvedic doshas (biological humors). When dominant in the chart, planets set their corresponding doshas in motion. While I have indicated the general dosha and planet correspondence below, the actual interrelationship is more specific. Each planet has its doshic signature and effects.

Table of Contents Preface Chapter 1 The art of drawing a yantra Chapter 2 Structure of the planetary yantras Chapter 3 Yantras of the nine planets Chapter 4 Mysteries of navagraha yantra Chapter 5 Colouring the yantras as sadhana 33 yantra stencils

Also, if you are not strictly vegetarian, please, follow a strictly vegetarian diet (or, ideally, vegan) during the process of drawing or colouring a yantra to pay your respect to Mother Nature. To honour the Divine timing and the cycles of Nature even further, also the right time should be chosen for drawing or colouring a yantra. In case of the yantras of the planets, which are going to be the main topic of this little e-book, it is quite easy, as you only need to choose the right day of the week. Yantras in Vastu Yantras of the planets are some of the most beautiful Jyotish and Vastu remedies. They help us to bring any of our inharmonious planetary influences into balance, by balancing ourselves in the first place and sending our love and devotion to these planetary energies by drawing their yantras, infusing them with mantras, paying our respect to them, and placing them in their respective places in our living space. Planetary yantras are used in Vastu to open our space more for certain planetary influences, or to reduce certain disturbing cosmic radiations. Philosophy behind that is very simple. Coal and diamond are made of the same particles. Yet, lack of harmonious alignment of coals atoms makes it dark and ordinary, while diamond, due to the harmonious alignment of its atoms has the capacity to reflect the light and is the most precious stone on our planet. Similarly, when our inner particles are not well aligned, or when our living space is not aligned with our lifes purpose, we are not able to express our true potential to reflect the Divine light fully. Drawing or painting the yantras is one of the most beautiful processes of realigning our inner particles and inviting more light to our inner and outer space. 350c69d7ab


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