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7. A small band carrying one spindle is better than a large bandcarrying a number of spindles. It makes better yarn, and not one-thirdthe waste. Bands should be put on tight; and the spinner should callthe band boy soon as one comes off, to put on a new one. Bands shouldall be looked over once a week, and all slack [10]ones cut off and newones put on. A slack band makes soft yarn. If your frame does not runup to speed, you will get soft yarn. A dry spindle will also make softyarn. Keep your spindles properly oiled.

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13. How to prove that uneven work is not made on spinning frames. Seethat your draught gears do not bind; if they do, you will have [12]unevenyarn. Put in new rolls in front, middle and back. See that your frameruns up to right speed and roller belt is tight. See that the ringsand travelers are good. See that stirrups and saddles are in place.Then if your yarn is uneven the trouble is in the carding room. Rovingbobbins should be marked for each speeder; and the spinner run eachseparate on his frames. Then if you had bad work you could tell veryquick which speeder it belonged to.

28. To know how to take up a belt, when you change pulleys. If yourbelt is tight enough with the pulley you now have on, for every inchthat your pulley is smaller than you now have on, take out one inchand three-quarters of belting. If larger, right the reverse.

37. To know how to get the exact twist in yarn. Have your roll belttight, and band also. Count the revolutions of the spindle to therollers once. Divide that by the circumference of the roll, which is3-14/100 inches. Example. Say 86 turns to the rolls once. (3-14/100)86.00 turns, (27-38/100) twists to the inch.


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