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[S4E8] No One's Gone

In response to Market Equities' decision to build an airport in the region, a group of protestors have gathered on the company's land. The board wants to go in hot and charge everyone who's holding up their work, but Beth suggests they remove the press that are covering the protests by claiming that it's private property. Once the press is gone, they can do what they want with the protestors and the only story will be removing the journalists from the site. Beth goes out to evict the media, but asks for the cell number of one journalist to inform her if something more serious is about to go down. It's clear Beth is playing the other side, having arranged this protest in the first place, and that something much bigger is waiting for these protestors.

[S4E8] No One's Gone

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On their way to meet with the Sheriff to keep the person who tried to kill the Duttons behind bars, John and Rip walk in on the scene of a hold-up at a local diner. As they approach the restaurant, Rip notices that no one's eating and everyone is just staring, which alerts him to the presence of danger. They turn around and arm themselves with what's available in the truck and drive around back. John enters through the back with a rifle and shoots one of the assailants while Rip smashes a window to take out another. The Sheriff unholsters an ankle gun to pacify another attacker but is himself shot in the process. After John and Rip take out the remaining gunman, the Sheriff call his daughter and dies while talking with her on the phone.

Cut to the finale of last week's episode. The MRAV is in the diamond, surrounded by burnt walkers. John (Garret Dillahunt) is clinging to life in the back. Naomi needs to get to the infirmary to retrieve supplies. Suddenly we're back in the time with Madison and Al. Madison has Al tied up. She's rummaging through her collection of tapes. Madison wants the MRAV. Al wants to film her story. She calmly explains that she's been tied up before, then cuts herself loose with a hidden knife. They engage in a brief fight before Madison knocks her out. Al awakes to find Madison gone. 041b061a72


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