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Watch Udta Punjab Online or Download in 720p and 1080p | The Best Crime Drama of 2016

Director Kabir Khan has been on his knees for the last two days, locked in a desperate battle with his management. One of the reasons for Kabirs desperate mood was a tiff with Anurag Kashyap, who he suspected of stealing his upcoming film Udta Punjab. Having been friends for several years, the duo forged a rocky relationship on the sets of Satyagraha, where they clashed while working on the film. Director Kabir has gone through all the malaise of a director who gets his song used on the music label Play Music India. While his songs were recorded before the movie hit theatres, the movie was released two days before the release of his songs. Star Plus and its in-house production team have now gone into overdrive, reaching out to the makers of Udta Punjab, thinking they might be able to reach a compromise with them. If the worst case scenario occurs, Udta Punjab will be re-edited with a new pair of ending songs.

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No matter how the court issues its verdict in the case, Im sure that this issue has never been too resolved. So the fear of this case cannot be underestimated. If one is to look at it, the guilty are not those who downloaded the film. It is the distributors who defamed the film by distributing it illegally. The ban on the film doesnt come into play until it is being distributed. We should wait till the court decision, says the CEO of an entertainment company.

Thats exactly why we need to have the conversation right now. And I feel like Ire trying to have a conversation with everyone now. I think thats whats happening. People are really trying to have a conversation, Im not saying we dont want to have one right now, I really dont think we have the right to do this right now. Everybody needs to own up to what they do, whether it be with music or with Udta Punjab. We had a conversation and we believed that the conversation was not conducive to one another. I think this conversation needs to happen. I have read about how it happened. I dont know what it was, but Im sure that its been established. We need to now believe that, Im not saying that we agree with this, Im not saying that we dont agree with this. Its coming about it and we are doing things about it. Its important that we take a stand. What have you done in this situation?


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