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What Does Sauron Look Like Without Armor

What do you suppose Sauron looks like in his MAYBE human form (besides his eye)? He is only shown in the prologue of the Fellowship of The Ring, and he is in armor then. My guess is he is an old man like Gandalf and Saruman, since like them, he is a Maia. But still, I could be wrong.

What Does Sauron Look Like Without Armor

This was in the last year of the Second Age. The story of The Lord of the Rings is set more than three thousand years later, in the closing years of the Third Age, but that book includes only the slightest hints of a description of Sauron. No doubt Tolkien kept Sauron in the shadows for good dramatic reasons, leaving it to the reader's imagination to create something darker and more fearsome than a mere description could convey. This literary device has left behind something of a puzzle: what actually did Sauron look like? For that matter, did he have any kind of physical body at all?

One of the ways this is accomplished, especially for a character like Sauron with limited lines of dialogue, is with a truly unique costume. Peter Jackson and the creative team at Weta Studios spent long hours designing exactly what Sauron's would look like. Since J.R.R. Tolkien never fully explained what Sauron appeared like in his epic fantasy novels, it was up to them to bring him to life. Jackson's trilogy was praised for its painstaking attention to detail in regards to its costumes, and the Dark Lord's was no exception. Below you'll find 10 details about Sauron's costume you never noticed.

Sauron's armor is never described in Tolkien's books, but Peter Jackson decided to use elements of Morgoth's armor to explain to designers what he felt it should look like. Morgoth was a fallen member of the Valar who decided to conquer Middle Earth, and wooed Sauron to be his devoted servant with promises of order from chaos.

For as large as Sauron's mace was (five feet in length), it was difficult to see just how much detail was put into it. It was made from the same black iron as his armor, and affixed with six sharply angled blades at the head. The same intaglio design that wound around his armor was also etched along the handle, made to look like an ivy-like weed found to grow at the bottom of the bridge at Minas Morgul.

Peter Jackson almost included scenes during the confrontation of Aragorn at the Black Gate, with Sauron appearing in that way. In the extended edition with deleted scenes, you can view what Sauron might have looked like when he had a corporeal form and wasn't a Lidless Eye or a wraith-like shadow.

He wore a similarly elaborate set of armor, carried both a mace and a dagger (which he used to stab Frodo), and to mimic the fell beast that he rode, his pauldrons and greaves fanned out to look like dragon wings in places. The jagged, spiked appearance of his crown and armor was meant to convey Sauron's will, even if Sauron himself wasn't present.

Garfeimao: The man holding the goldenrod with a scroll is so elaborately dressed. This is either a Royal or maybe a Herald for a Court. Rich, velvet crimson tunic with a velvet green robe and gold piping and trim, and what looks like a massive gold rectangular belt buckle. Oooh, and the inner sleeves of the crimson tunic have a design of their own, this costume is going to be soooo fabulous.

Garfeimao: This image of the person holding the red berries is really interesting. There is what looks like long, loosely braided grey hair that appears to be used to hold the rough brown bag. No indication of male or female here, because while dirty, the hands are rather gentle.

During his time in the End, Soren grew a fascination for endermen, studying them and even training some on how to build. Furthermore, he prefers endermen more than anyone because unlike people, endermen always do what he expects without a single thought of betrayal, almost to a fault. In "A Block and a Hard Place", it is revealed that Soren even worries for the safety of endermen when he sees a few of them approaching the Wither Storm, fearing that they will get themselves killed and that he would lose all of his work and studies.

I have a clear answer as to what worked best for me, but I like to leave it kind of ambiguous for the audience because it creates a bit of interesting discussion. It makes it cool to look back on and leave it to interpretation, I think.

Then, she tries to stab me with the dagger, and he just effortlessly holds her arm. We've seen how lethal she is, and we've seen what she does to other people and how powerful she is. So for him to just effortlessly hold her and then warp her mind was just so cool. It's a dream to be able to play something like that.

We all know Sauron: Big flaming eye, used to look like a very Death Metal suit of armor. Distorted voice. But why do people call him "The Deceiver"? How on earth did he get involved in creating the Rings of Power? Did he look like that all the time? Where did Sauron even come from?

On Reddit, fans debated the prospect of Sauron appearing without his armor in Amazon's upcoming series. The original post, which accrued over 800 upvotes on r/LOTR_on_Prime, came with a fan-made image of Sauron in the flesh by artists Billelis and Kevin Cassidy. This interpretation of the character shows him as monstrous, with the large crown-shaped spikes that adorned his helmet in the films actually being part of his skull. Instead of a set of eyes, he possesses only a single, fiery eye like the one on top of Barad-dûr. However, fans feel somewhat mixed regarding this depiction.


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