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Groove3 How To Practice Music Production [BEST]

Pro Tools has been the industry standard in music recording and production for some time now. It's no wonder, then, that the world's largest independent college of contemporary music would teach this ubiquitous DAW.

Groove3 How to Practice Music Production

KMG Life is an all-in-one music production studio, artist development service and education facility. The teaching side of the business (KMG Academy) began in 2015, and since then, this Boulder, Colorado-based company has become a top resource for learning Pro Tools.

Garnish Music Production provides a world-class education for music producers. Self-described as a boutique music production school, Garnish now has physical locations around the world and a strong online learning experience.

The company's 36-hour Pro Tools course is designed to help musicians and producers master the basic principles and fundamental skills needed to create and arrange music in Pro Tools. You'll learn how to set up sessions and follow this right through to the final mix-down, all the while using the DAW's latest features. From there, students can explore deeper into music production from the expert instructors at Garnish online.

So this is clearly something different. Theere are no pre-recorded sessions, like the others. This would also explain the high price point compared to the others. As a drawback, their online music production courses are not instant, you have to enroll like you would to a school. Only that the school location is your home, if you cannot access the offline schools Point Blank Music School has running in London, L.A., Mumbai, Ibiza and China.

For those who are not drowned in the endless stream of self-improvement content promising to make you a better, more productive and efficient musician, what's your best place to learn music production?

Oscar from Underdog is doing a pretty good job at covering music theory and essential tips and tricks for electronic music production through his Youtube videos. You can also attend the school courses for more in-depth lessons.

Finally, Reddit is a good place for discussing music production of all styles. There's probably a sub for you out there dedicated to the genre you're producing. Let's not forget to mention Discord as well.

As other members noted: best place to learn music production is your home, your studio, with constant practice and experiment. You can learn, theoretically, a lot of things from a teacher, from books, or online, but this is just information, not knowledge.

I guess we will find that everyones's journey is different. I took Music Production as my undergraduate degree when I studied at Full Sail University. I had to understand from projects we created and listening lessons to understand how compression, EQ, all play a part in music creation. I wanted to be able to listen to music and find the correct key, figure out the chord progression. I learned all these things and a ton more in my personal journey. This path worked for me. In doing this I now have a method of music production that is fast and efficient to get ideas in place.

Learn Cubase and music production at the same time. All levels are catered for in our Cubase tutorials, from complete beginners to advanced music producers. Music production has never been easier to learn. Guidance profided by professional Cubase...

Making your final mix competitive in the marketplace means it needs to be mastered. If you can afford it, hire a mastering engineer. These pros deal with putting the final touch on a mix every day and know the best gear and techniques to achieve the perfect result. Or, do some research and learn to master on your own. Tutorial sites like and are great resources for learning high-end audio techniques. There, you can learn techniques and gear you need to become your own mastering engineer and take your productions to the next level.

In the full report below, we explain the LFO synth production down to the final detail, and do our best to provide an overview of every stage of the music production process, from composition, to sound design, to editing, to EQ and compression, right up to offering insights to achieving a final master. If you stick it out to the end of the full Hit Report, we guarantee your production skills stand to become a lot sharper. 041b061a72


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