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The Ultimate Guide to Download Chess 2: The Sequel and Master the Game

Download Chess 2: The Sequel - A New Twist on the Classic Game

If you are a fan of chess, you might be interested in trying out a new version of the game that adds more variety, challenge, and fun to the classic board game. Chess 2: The Sequel is a chess variant that introduces new rules, new pieces, and new ways to win. In this article, we will tell you what Chess 2: The Sequel is, how to download it, and how to play it.

What is Chess 2: The Sequel?

Chess 2: The Sequel is a chess variant created by David Sirlin and Zachary Burns of Ludeme Games. Sirlin, whose previous design work includes rebalancing Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, approached what he believed to be a problem of rote endgames and static opening games in chess by introducing asymmetrical piece compositions and an additional win condition. A video game version of Chess 2 is available on OUYA as of 2014. The game was released on Steam on 19 August 2014.

download chess 2 the sequel

The history and design of Chess 2: The Sequel

When designing Chess 2, Sirlin took inspiration from Bobby Fischer's Chess960 variant. Like Fischer, his goals were to create a more dynamic opening game, decrease the emphasis on openings memorization, and reduce draws. In Chess 2, players may choose from six unique armies, such as an army with two kings and an army whose knights, bishops, and rooks may move like each other when adjacent. A new win condition has been added: a player wins if their king travels past the 4th rank. This was intended to prevent traditional "solved" chess endgames, which can be played by consulting a chess tablebase, and therefore does not require player skill. A third rule change from standard chess is the dueling system. Each player begins the game with three stones. Whenever a capture is made, the defending player may initiate a "duel." In a duel, the players secretly "bid" up to two stones. After revealing the bids, the stones are removed from the game; if the defender spent more stones than the attacker, both the attacking and defending pieces are captured. More stones may be earned by capturing enemy pawns. Sirlin's intention with this mechanic was to allow players to dynamically evaluate the worth of their pieces throughout the match.

The features and benefits of Chess 2: The Sequel

Chess 2: The Sequel is not just a simple variation of chess, but a whole new game that offers many features and benefits for chess lovers. Here are some of them:

Six unique armies to choose from

There are six armies players may choose from at the start of a game. All armies have the standard setup for chess as their baseline, except they are unable to castle (except for the Classic army). Each army has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as its own style and flavor. Here are the six armies:




The original army from classic chess and the only army with a queen. It is the most balanced and versatile army. It can also castle, unlike the other armies.


The nemesis army replaces the queen with a nemesis piece, which can move one space in any direction or capture an enemy piece that is exactly two spaces away in any direction. The nemesis piece is immune to capture by pawns and kings, but vulnerable to other pieces. The nemesis army is good at creating threats and exploiting weaknesses in the enemy position.


The empowered army replaces the queen with an empowered piece, which can move like any friendly piece adjacent to it. For example, if the empowered piece is next to a knight, it can move like a knight. The empowered piece can also move like a king if there are no adjacent pieces. The empowered army is good at adapting to different situations and creating synergies between pieces.


The reaper army replaces the queen with a reaper piece, which can move one space in any direction or teleport to any empty space on the board. The reaper piece cannot capture or be captured by other pieces, but it can initiate duels. The reaper army is good at controlling space and surprising the enemy with unexpected moves.

Two Kings

The two kings army replaces the queen with a second king. Both kings can move like normal kings, but they cannot be in check at the same time. If one king is in check, the other king must get out of check or block the check. The two kings army wins if either king crosses the midline, but loses if either king is checkmated. The two kings army is good at creating multiple threats and defending each other.


The animals army replaces the knights, bishops, and rooks with different animal pieces: the elephant, the camel, and the giraffe. The elephant can move one space diagonally or two spaces orthogonally. The camel can move one space orthogonally or two spaces diagonally. The giraffe can move one space in any direction or three spaces orthogonally. The animals army is good at moving quickly and flexibly across the board.

Midline invasion and dueling mechanics

Another feature of Chess 2: The Sequel is the midline invasion rule. This rule states that a player wins if their king crosses the midline of the board (the 4th rank for white and the 5th rank for black). This rule encourages players to be more aggressive and proactive with their kings, rather than hiding them in the corner. It also prevents stalemates and draws that often occur in standard chess endgames.

A third feature of Chess 2: The Sequel is the dueling system. This system allows players to use stones to bid for capturing pieces. Each player starts with three stones and can earn more by capturing enemy pawns. Whenever a capture is made, the defending player can initiate a duel by spending one or two stones. The attacking player can then match or raise the bid by spending one or two stones as well. The player who spends more stones wins the duel and captures both pieces, while the player who spends less stones loses both pieces and their stones. If both players spend the same amount of stones, no capture is made and both pieces remain on the board. The dueling system adds an element of bluffing and risk management to Chess 2: The Sequel.

Online multiplayer and cross-platform play

One of the benefits of Chess 2: The Sequel is that it supports online multiplayer and cross-platform play. You can play against other players from around the world on Steam or OUYA, or even on your browser through Ludeme Games' website. You can also play offline against a computer opponent or a friend on the same device. Chess 2: The Sequel has a ranking system that matches you with players of similar skill level, as well as leaderboards that track your performance and achievements.

How to download Chess 2: The Sequel?

If you are interested in playing Chess 2: The Sequel, you have several options to download it depending on your preferred platform. Here are some of them:

Download from Steam

If you have a PC or Mac computer, you can download Chess 2: The Sequel from Steam for $9.99 USD . You will need to create a Steam account and install the Steam client on your computer before you can purchase and download the game. Once you have done that, you can search for Chess 2: The Sequel on Steam or click on this link: [Chess 2: The Sequel on Steam]. After you have purchased the game, you can download and install it on your computer and start playing.

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