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Joshua Gomez

Finding You

Parents need to know that Finding You is a wholesome, Ireland-set romance based on Jenny B. Jones' YA novel There You'll Find Me that's really about finding yourself. While it's unquestionably about a young couple finding love, the elements are soft enough that it feels more like a family film with a touch of romance (there are two kisses and some hand-holding). Lead character Finley (Rose Reid) is role model material: She's caring, thoughtful, and self-confident. But female characters are also portrayed somewhat stereotypically: obsessed and gossipy, conniving and mean, and jealous and possessive. Finley's love interest is a celebrity, and the story explores some of the unpleasant reality behind the management of child actors and their lack of agency over their own lives. Scenes take place inside a pub, a young character appears to be drinking in photos, and a well-respected musician is often shown drunk. Expect to hear some U.K.-specific profanity ("shite," "wanker"). The movie includes a faith-based element that feels authentic to the story, and characters demonstrate integrity.

Finding You

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Many films about self-discovery involve going on a physical journey. Why do you think this is? How does this film demonstrate that sometimes we know who we are, and it's more about finding the courage to be yourself?

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