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Santiago Reyes
Santiago Reyes

Trylogia Prince Of Persia HD

The Dagger of Time is more than just a story line element. It also provides the power to rewind time, slow time, and even stop it briefly. This core mechanic made Prince of Persia famous, since it gave the developers the ability to create increasingly difficult situations without making them impossible, effectively setting the game apart from its competition in a very fun way. The dagger is also the primary means for defeating most enemies in the game, since when stabbed into them it absorbs their sands, and it also gains more power as a result. A downed enemy will not stay down for long, and will continuously revive until absorbed into the dagger. The prince will almost always face multiple waves of sand creatures at once, and constant use of his flips, dives, rolls, jumps, and other acrobatic maneuvers to handle them all are required. Unfortunately, by the end of the game this absorption mechanic gets a bit tired, but luckily that fact is recognized by the developers, and relief is provided by the conclusion.

Trylogia Prince of Persia HD



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