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Buy Fiestaware

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buy fiestaware


Red is not the only color of vintage ceramic glaze that is radioactive; it is detectable from other colors, including ivory.[11] The level of radioactivity of vintage fiestaware has been published and is available online.[11][12]

I last bought two full sets of fiestaware brights in 2012 at Macy's for a great price ($3-4 per piece). I stupidly gave it away on freecycle when I moved and regret it. What is the best place/sale to buy two sets of fiestaware brights (or place settings that will make a similar sets) and best time of the year? What is a good price to pay?

Love my fiestaware I am forever banging it on my granite countertop without ever chipping it. Color never fades. And I agree that it is more costly than the dollar store variety but every so often Kohls has amazing deals where with coupons or percent off deals I have been able to add a complete place setting for 16 dollars to my collection. which is only 4 dollars a piece not much higher then the inferior quality dollar store one.

Instead of China, we opted to register for fiestaware for our wedding. Best decision ever. We have picked up other pieces throughout the years from antique stores or the fiesta outlet in WV. We may have broken one bowl in the past 14 yrs. So worth the investment. 041b061a72


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