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Starting Strength : Basic Barbell Training

The Starting Strength Program is the best program for a Novice to develop the strength that will serve as the basis for all future training as well as increase performance in life and sports. Developed by Mark Rippetoe and refined over decades of experience coaching thousands of trainees, the SS Program allows trainees to make faster strength gains during their first serious period of training than any other program.

Starting strength : basic barbell training


The Starting Strength Program is an appropriate place to start for nearly all trainees new to serious strength training. Whether the long term goal is powerlifting, general health and fitness, or training for sport, the SS Program will provide the training base necessary to succeed and excel at any and all of those endeavors.

We are often asked about books to read for information on the lifts and programming. I really hate to be this way, but if I thought there were valuable sources of information on strength training that presented an equally valid approach to our method, I'd tell you. But there aren't, and that's why we wrote the books we publish.

Practical Programming for Strength Training 3rd Edition (the first two editions are out of print, for the same reason), with Andy Baker SSC, is the most comprehensive book ever written on the programming of barbell strength training. It proceeds from the foundational science of the physiology of adaptation and performance, and follows the rank novice trainee from the simplicity of Day One through an entire career in strength sports to the complex and highly individual programming of the advanced competitor. With numerous sample programs to use at every stage of the lifter's progressing level of training advancement, PPST3 guides you through the principles that allow you to intelligently design your training for your whole career under the bar. It's the second book you should read.

Note: The programming that starts in week 3 continues as long as possible and when progress is no longer possible, then the program becomes more complicated. To take this workout to the next level, check out Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training and Practical Programming for Strength Training available at, on Amazon Kindle, and on Microsoft Band.

Mark Rippetoe (born February 12, 1956)[1] is an American strength training coach, author, former powerlifter, and gym owner.[2][3][4] He is best known for his barbell training program, the subject of his book Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training.[5] Rippetoe is known for his brash teaching style and humor, prompting several online compilations of his attributed quotations.[6][7]

In 1985, Rippetoe was a part of the charter group of individuals to receive the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification when it was first offered by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.[4] He formally relinquished the credential in 2009.[5] Rippetoe was also formerly associated with the CrossFit community as a subject-matter expert in barbell training.[16] He authored many training articles for the CrossFit Journal and created, with Lon Kilgore, the Basic Barbell Certification course, which they conducted from 2006 to 2009.[17][18] After he ended his formal association with CrossFit in 2009, he expanded this course into a three-day Starting Strength Seminar produced through the Aasgaard Company.[17][19][20]

Beginning in 2018, the Aasgaard Company established a national franchise gym chain of Starting Strength branded gyms which feature the use of basic barbell equipment and the Starting Strength method.[21]

I ran the program for three months before it stopped working for me. This is likely due to me having done some strength training before, because I know others have been able to push Starting Strength for much longer than that.

Andrea Mates has been a teacher in various capacities for 20 years and recently transitioned to teaching strength training with barbells. In 2013 when she nearly dropped her then 3-year-old daughter, she realized she wasn't strong enough for her mom duties. After reading Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training, she taught herself the lifts and became stronger than she ever thought possible. When Starting Strength Austin opened in April 2019, she was recovering from a long illness and joined to be coached back to strength. In October 2020, she became an Apprentice Coach at the gym and completed the Starting Strength Coach credential in November 2021. Andrea has a doctorate in Applied Linguistics from UCLA and bachelor's degrees in Russian language and Public Policy from Duke.

Jeff began training with the Starting Strength method in 2020 and began work for his SSC credential in 2021. He started training to alleviate back pain from an injury, and after the program fixed his back to got him stronger than he had ever been, he began training as many people with the method as would listen. Jeff likes seeing people transform as they get stronger, especially those who never saw themselves enjoying barbell training. He has a doctorate in Biomedical Sciences from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, postdoctoral training at ETH Zurich, a Bachelor's in Cellular Biology and Japanese from San Diego State University. 041b061a72


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