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I Want You

Andy Gill observed that the song's tension is achieved through the balance of the "direct address" of the chorus, the repeated phrase "I want you," and a weird cast of characters "too numerous to inhabit the song's three minutes comfortably", including a guilty undertaker, a lonesome organ grinder, weeping fathers, mothers, sleeping saviours, the Queen of Spades, and "a dancing child with his Chinese suit".[6][7] Gill reports that "the dancing child" has been interpreted as a reference to Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones, and his then girlfriend Anita Pallenberg.[8] Clinton Heylin agrees there may be substance to this because the dancing child claims that "time was on his side", as a reference to "Time Is On My Side", the Stones' first U.S. hit.[9]

I want you

Cliff White of NME called the album "almost a voyeur's delight", and was not favorable of Gaye's sensual themes, stating "Although getting down, getting mellow, and getting it on are paramount considerations in the privacy of my own home, I don't particularly want to be party to someone else's night life. Not on record anyway ... Like peeking through the windows of the Gaye residence in the wee wee hours. Perhaps that's your kick, but personally I find it a mite frustrating."[25] White also criticized the album's sound, describing the songs as "all expressions of the same mood. Sensual, satisfied, and spaced out", and calling I Want You "simply the explorative aftermath of Let's Get It On. The sweet nuthin's of a drowsy, sweat-streaked lover."[25] Robert Christgau of The Village Voice wrote favorably of the album's sound quality.[21] However, he criticized the lyrical content, as well as Ware's involvement in songwriting, stating "was it Ware who instructed Marvin to eliminate all depth and power from his voice? I mean, if you're into insisting on sex it's in bad taste to whine about it."[21]

While Sensitive Content Volume 1 feels like an incredibly important archive of the lives and creators behind removed posts, Sensitive Content Volume 2 is looking at the big picture of what it means to be a queer person on the internet, contending more with our reliance on the internet and social media for our sources of income, our education, our entertainment, and our sense of community, while recognizing risks in doing so. What were you thinking about when you were curating the second issue, and how did you want to evolve Sensitive Content from the first issue?

In school, interesting subjects like math, science, social studies and language arts stimulate my thinking, ease my mind and teach me something about the world. I did not always feel this way. Many years of my life were spent in an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) school. I had to do my drills over and over until I was bored and frustrated with my teachers. Then I would have meltdowns. For me, ABA is not a solution. I experienced long hours meeting goals like pointing to flashcards and pointing to my own nose. I believe people need to be able to set their own goals. No person should be without a voice. I believe in teaching communication first. Meaningful communication means being able to say what I want to say. People must believe we are capable and that our minds are intact.

I had a car accident that left me with a TBI.I had been married 20 years but, after a TBI my husband abandoned me. After living with his rejection for 8 years I asked for help at a local abuse center. They helped me by showing me what I had as income and health insurance. I needed help finding a place to live after my divorce. They found an appt. for me. I have been thru what seams to be hell (punishment for divorcing my marriage of 20 years) up to now. This year will be 21 years later from my car accident.I met guys that wanted to be friends with me. 1 man charmed me by telling me he could help me recover. My memory was really bad and for 6 years our friendship grew.It was March 2020 he texted me "Your memory is so bad I can't help you any more. I am moving on." I haven't seen or heard from him since that text message leaving me with feeling very hurt and abandoned again.My daughter helped me realize I have been thru rough moments since having a TBI. It was my lack of confidence that was over whelming me. She said start healing by celebrating the small moments. I have been like a child growing up. Learning how to cope thru difficult times. Those words helped me to be more confident. It feels like I'm stronger. My Grandmother told me I'm strong as she watched me take care of my young children fighting to sit on my lap. I calmly told them that one of them could sit with me and then the next one could sit with me. They stopped fight for my attention. Yes! Grandma thought I was so strong meant so much to me. To this day I feel confident in myself. My dear friend gave me the nickname Lyla knowing it meant I was strong.

I have a kind girlfriend but she doesn't want to marry and I guess that's ok, I just want to stay in love. My adult kids have rejected me, and my ex doesn't understand me , I have a young son (12 yo) that was scared when this happened but he is doing better. He use to live with me, but is back with mom and that's okay.

If relevant, help her realize the ways she has changed. Her mentality might be the same. She wants to be and thinks she is the same... It's hard to realize how much change and effect a tbi causes and in my case it was a long struggle and alot of screw ups before I realized I was starting over anew many years later.. You just have to care I guess and deal with the I'm guessing uncontralable emotional outbreaks of all kinds. Slow, steady, subtle, patient, and understanding...and watch out for alcohol or substance abuse (self medicating or destructing) Hope this helps someone.

Such a caring compassionate soul you are . I hope your wife realizes how lucky she is. My husband did not take the time to learn anything about brain injuries after mine, sadly. After I recovered ( never the same but highly functional again ) he wanted me back. Of course I could not trust him after he abandoned me when I needed him most . All the best to you and your wife

I am so proud of you !!!!! I was 20 when i was hit by a van ...shattered my pelvis,my face and scraped up and banged up all over.. I have bolts and chains ( i always say the bolts and chains better be gold hahahaha ) holding my hip and pelvis together! i know it's not the same, but i was on a lot of pain meds and a ton of other pills ( i learned to cope with pills ) now i am 54 and got very sick 5 months ago and have not taken any pills !!! Except for what the doctors gives me now...I am learning everything over now too!I have a friend with a brain injury... I decided to look up brain injuries to help me understand what he is going threw..i came across your story and others and i feel like i am going threw sorta the same thing ( i don't want to minimize your injuries at all!!) I am thankful because i came across this site because i can explain to family and friends and for me most of all to understand what i am going threw.Thank you for being so brave to post about your accident :} Take care and keep strong !!! :}

My husband sustained a TBI several years ago. Since then, he has had difficulty at every job which he has held. Issues range from confrontation, difficulty following instructions, difficulty following through with tasks and difficulty maintaining professionalism in the workplace. He has recently had a neuropsychological evaluation which suggested that timed jobs are not a good fit for him. In hindsight, I can understand why he has had so many troubles, since every one of his jobs had a timed aspect. He is able to drive, but always needs to use GPS, since he cannot remember places well. He reads well, but may not always grasp the full meaning of some statements/sentences. He can follow instructions which are not compound or multi-faceted. He really wants to find a job which will make him fell confident and fulfilled. Does anyone have any suggestions for some jobs which may work well for him?

I found an excellent therapist who was also a grief specialist. Here, I was in a safe space where I could cry and talk all I wanted about my son, share pictures of him, and tell stories of his kindness, his compassion, and his amazing talent.

Here, finally, was a place to express anything I wanted to about my pain and sorrow of the loss of my son and how much I missed him, and dozens of people would comment to tell me how handsome he was or what a beautiful smile he had. Everyone in the organization, including the administrators, had lost a child and was there to listen and share. The feeling of love was overwhelming!

What do you think I can do to help you? He's like, I always knew that you have been meditating for these years, and I want you to teach me. And I told him that I've stopped doing that. He said, no, I really want you to do this for me. So I was like, okay. The first session that he went through and the smile on his face and the tears in his eyes, I tell you that combination is super powerful, when you see someone go through such an experience.

To make that college- to career-connection, institutions must understand what employers want. What do they mean when they say, "we're not getting the skills we need?" Do college majors matter? Is the purported movement away from degrees and toward skill-sets really happening?

My mindset began to shift after a close friend betrayed me, and I lost my connection to the streets. Then I transferred from a Delaware prison to SCI-Chester, a Pennsylvania facility with many more educational and counseling opportunities. I began to think about you more, and about how my actions altered so many lives. Finally, I realized that the street lifestyle was all one big lie. There is no love there. I no longer wanted to be Scrap. It was time to do some good. 041b061a72


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