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Rumi's Sun: The Teachings Of Shams Of Tabriz Books Pdf File

Rumi's Sun: The Teachings of Shams of Tabriz

Rumi's Sun is a book that collects many lessons and discourses from Shams of Tabriz, the Sufi mystic and spiritual master who was the catalyst for Rumi's awakening. His teachings and insights inspired much of Rumi's poetry and are still celebrated today by all Sufis. Translated by two noted students of Sufism, Shams' timeless teachings are presented here in their traditional order.

In this article, we will explore the background, content, and significance of this book, as well as provide some links to download it as a pdf file.



Shams of Tabriz was a wandering dervish who arrived in Konya, Turkey, in 1244. He met Rumi, a renowned scholar and preacher, and they formed an intense spiritual bond that transformed both of them. Shams challenged Rumi to abandon his worldly attachments and seek the truth of God through love and ecstasy. They spent months together in seclusion, conversing about the mysteries of existence and the secrets of the heart.

However, their relationship was not well received by some of Rumi's followers and family members, who felt jealous and threatened by Shams' influence. Shams was forced to leave Konya several times, and eventually disappeared mysteriously in 1247. Some say he was killed by Rumi's son or disciples, others say he left voluntarily to test Rumi's faith. Whatever the case, Rumi was devastated by the loss of his beloved friend and teacher. He expressed his grief and longing in thousands of verses of poetry, which are now considered among the finest examples of Persian literature and Sufi wisdom.


Rumi's Sun is a collection of Shams' teachings that were recorded by his disciples during his stay in Konya. The book consists of eight chapters, each containing several sub-sections that cover various topics such as God, love, faith, prayer, ethics, mysticism, and more. The book also includes an introduction by the translators, a biography of Shams, a glossary of terms, and an index of Quranic verses that are quoted or referenced by Shams.

The book reveals the depth and breadth of Shams' knowledge and insight, as well as his unconventional and provocative style. He often uses paradoxes, metaphors, anecdotes, jokes, and questions to challenge his listeners and make them think for themselves. He does not shy away from criticizing the hypocrisy and corruption of the religious establishment, nor does he hesitate to praise the virtues and beauty of other faiths and traditions. He emphasizes the importance of sincerity, humility, generosity, service, and compassion as the qualities of a true seeker of God. He also encourages his listeners to experience God directly through love and devotion, rather than relying on dogma or ritual.


Rumi's Sun is a valuable source of information and inspiration for anyone interested in Sufism, Rumi, or spirituality in general. It offers a rare glimpse into the mind and heart of one of the most influential figures in Islamic history and culture. It also shows how Shams shaped Rumi's personality and poetry, and how their friendship exemplified the highest form of spiritual companionship.

The book is also relevant for our contemporary times, as it addresses many issues that are still prevalent today. It invites us to question our assumptions and prejudices, to seek the essence rather than the form of religion, to respect diversity rather than impose uniformity, to cultivate love rather than hatred, and to connect with God rather than with idols.


If you want to read Rumi's Sun: The Teachings of Shams of Tabriz for yourself, you can download it as a pdf file from these links:

  • [Google Books]

  • [The Threshold Society]


We hope you enjoy this book and benefit from its wisdom.


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