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On 11 November 2019, one of the two PW100 series engines of a Bombardier DHC8-300 failed catastrophically when takeoff power was set prior to brake release. The Investigation found that the power turbine shaft had fractured in two places and all first and second stage power turbine blades had separated from their disks. The shaft failure was found to have been caused by fatigue cracking initiated by corrosion pitting which was assessed as probably the result of prolonged marine low-altitude operations by the aircraft. It was found that this fatigue cracking could increase undetected during service between scheduled inspections.

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On 19 August 2013, a fire occurred in the right engine of a Douglas DC3-C on take off from Yellowknife. After engine shutdown, a right hand circuit was made in an attempt to land back on another runway but trees were struck and the aircraft crash-landed south of it. Emergency evacuation was successful. The Investigation found that a pre-existing cylinder fatigue crack had caused the engine failure/fire and that the propeller feathering pump had malfunctioned. It was found that an overweight take off had occurred and that various unsafe practices had persisted despite the regulatory approval of the Operator's SMS.


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